Camp Shalom was started in 1996 by a group of people in the Tallahassee area who realized how wonderful it would be to have a camp for Jewish children and their friends. After some hard work by a number of very dedicated folks, Camp Shalom was born.

Housed in a local temple, children from the age of 4 to 11 enjoy a variety of activities each day. Children aged 12 and 13 go on daily field trips. Counselors can be entering 9th grade – 12th grade. We also have college students as counselors and area coordinators. Infused in all of these activities is the appreciation and enjoyment of Jewish culture. Many of the children that started as campers are now counselors and year after year keep coming back to join another season of camp. We invite you to ask your friends to come to Camp Shalom also!

2019 Board of Directors

  • Mimi Garcia, Co-Director
  • Amber Proctor, Co-Director
  • Patti Brownstein, Administrator
  • Claire Sand, Board Member
  • Rhea Schwartz, Board Member
  • Rhea Wilson, Board Member
  • Karen Cyphers, Board Member
  • Na’ama Nagar, Board Member